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Twenty members and one guest met in the Memorial Hall for the November meeting and AGM.

Everyone agreed that the Craft Day, held in October had been very enjoyable, raising an impressive £323 for WI funds. Members who attended the Fun, Food and Fitness Day at Middleton thoroughly enjoyed the day.

Birthday posies were presented to P Wakeling, (for October,) T Taylor, L Catchpole, P Wood and C Hammond.

The table flowers, arranged by W Bell, were presented, at her request, to the President, Mrs C Dungay, in recognition of all the work she puts into making Fincham WI so enjoyable and successful.

Then followed the AGM. The President thanked the committee for all its support throughout the year, and the members for their help, making this year a very enjoyable one. Special thanks were given to P Steel for organising the Craft Day and Mrs Dungay looked forward to 2017 when Fincham WI celebrates its 90th Birthday.

The Secretary, S Westwood, in her report, highlighted the various speakers and competitions in 2016 and remembered the outings to the Theatre, tea parties, meals and the Craft Day.

The Treasurer, S Batterham read her report which showed that, thanks to fundraising activities, and, with 32 full members, Fincham WI was in a healthy financial position.

Mrs Steel remains on the committee but has resigned her position as Programme secretary. R McClean and I Delderfield have agreed to replace her. S Amies resigned as MCS Rep and was replaced By L Phillips. The rest of the committee remains the same – S Batterham, S Westwood, P Steel, A Bloy, R Mclean, L Phillips. C Dungay agreed to continue as President. J Fuller will continue to provide the birthday posies.

The evening continued with refreshments, provided and served by Mesdames Bloy and Webster.

I Delderfield organised some quick quizzes, (missing vowel islands, Cathedrals, word pairs and Guess the Baby,) and these proved highly enjoyable. Several members agreed that it was nice to have a chance to speak to other members for a change, something which is not always possible when there is a speaker.

The competition, Photo of a London Landmark, was won by I Delderfield, 2nd – J Fuller. The raffle, organised by W Baines, was won by S Amies.

Report by Sue Westwood