Conservation Area

The conservation area in Fincham is largely the built up area to the north and south of the High Street, excluding some of the modern buildings. It extends to Fairswell Manor in the east, and a short distance up Marham Road and down Boughton Road on the east sides. To the west it includes the eastern side of Lynn Road as far as Talbot Cottages and the arboretum to Talbot Manor to the north, and to the south it ends at the track to the south-west of Sycamore House.

The Borough Council advises that any new development in a conservation area will need to be of a high standard. It will need to fit in with the character of the area, and they will give special attention to this. They also give the same considerations to more minor proposals, such as extensions. These can spoil the appearance of a conservation area unless carefully handled. They also place importance on the quality of:

  • landscaping
  • planting schemes
  • paving
  • lighting
  • street furniture and advertisements

Within conservation areas, a number of special controls apply and it is advisable that anyone proposing to carry out new development, alteration, extensions, installations or demolition should seek advice from the Planning Department of the Borough Council of King’s Lynn and West Norfolk at an early stage. Special controls also apply to the trees sand some may be subject to Tree Preservation Orders. Anyone wishing to carry out work to trees within a conservation area should therefore seek advice from the above Planning Department.

Please click on the link below to see the Fincham Conservation Area Character Statement which gives further details:

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