Speed Activated Messaging (SAM2) sign reports from Parish Council Meeting

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SAM2 Reports and Data summaries July 2020

SAM2 Report and Data summaries January 2020

SAM2 Report and Data summaries September 2019

SAM2 Report and Data summaries July 2019

SAM2 Church layby NovDec2018 (2)

SAM2 Marham Hill February 2019 (1)

SAM2 Report and Data summaries September 2018


Here are the summaries for the Traffic counts in the Church layby during June 2018 as presented at the July 2018 Parish Council meeting.

As with the December count, fewer vehicles (6%) are measured travelling at speeds above 35mph in comparison with the Rectory Layby (10%).

There were 17646 additional vehicles measured 4th June – 2nd July in comparison with the 84191 vehicles measured in December.  The number of vehicles recorded (101837) was similar to that recorded in the Rectory Layby during April (103213). The A10 closure at the Hardwick roundabout, does not appear to have increased the volume of traffic during June, but in previous months there have been closures on the A47 resulting in traffic being diverted via the A1122.

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SAM2 data summaries July 2018

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SAM2 data summaries May 2018

Police Engagement meetings

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Police Engagement Meeting – April 2018

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RAF Marham Infrastructure Update Meeting 7th December 2017

RAF MARHAM UPDATE   7th December 2017

Commander Ian  Townsend                  .

The Commander welcomed all in attendance and put the on going work into context.

  • The base is busier now than it has been even in the last 10 years
  • The Tornado will finish in use March 2019
  • The F35 will secure Marham for 30-40 years
  • F35 aircraft are owned by the RAF but will be operated jointly with the Royal Navy
  • Runway 2 (currently not used and being resurfaced  ) will become operational when work begins on the main runway. As a result circuit patterns will change.
  • There are 3 variants of F35 (Lightning).Marham will be using the short take off vertical landing variant. At a later stage they may purchase a different variant.
  • 15% of each aircraft is manufactured in Britain.
  • The aircraft have phenominal data collection capability and have yet to realise the full potential.
  • The New aircraft are due to arrive Summer 2018.
  • On site work began in 2016 and will continue until 2020 +.

He concluded by saying that the new aircraft (contrary to The Daily Mail) will not be noisier.

Two of his officers continued the talk.

  • The shorter 2nd runway (North/South) due to be used after April will result in less flying close to Fincham than at present. Narborough residents were assured that the impact on their village will be kept to a minimum.
  • It was stated that during daylight aircraft should not overfly the village but at night when flying on instruments it is not always possible as they fly in a more straight line.
  • The new aircraft have much more power and therefore will get up to height quicker and be out of the way quicker, but will not be noisier

                                                           Operation Anvil

  • Work on the infrastructure cost £550million.
  • 90%of the operating surfaces are being refurbished.
  • 1200 contractors are on site working for a number of companies who must all liaise.
  • 9 different sites are currently being worked on. All this is taking place whilst the base is operational. This is a first.
  • The newly constructed entrance on the A1122 will continue to be used by RAF personnel as well as the main gate once the contractors leave.
  • Contractors have built their own concrete and asphalt factories on site producing 100 tons of concrete and 120 tons per hour of asphalt.
  • The new Lightning Operations Centre is due to be handed over at the end of January.
  • Extended training facilities with mission simulators for pilots and maintenance .
  • A new fire training centre will be built on part of the golf course and new water storage tanks at strategic points on the base.
  • 3 vertical landing pads are being constructed using special concrete.
  • There will be a newly constructed security building, a mess facility and gym.
  • Hanger 3 has been demolished and rebuilt with 8 maintenance bays and 2 finishing bays.
  • The new substation provides a High Voltage Power Upgrade and 10 km of trenching upgrades gas and communications.
  • 617 and 207 squadron buildings are taking shape
  • By 2023 there is likely to be another operational squadron at Marham.
  • Contractors are recycling the old runway crushing the concrete to reuse as hardcore.
  • The second runway is mainly concrete and the main runway is asphalt.

The coach tour showed the extent of the work being undertaken and the progress is impressive.

There will be an open event at the Sandringham Centre to inform local villages when the short take off runway is due to be used. Parish Councils will be notified of the date.

SAM2 Report January 2018

Review of SAM2 data

The SAM2 speed sign has now been in two locations in Fincham

  1. Rectory layby 5th October 2017 to 9th November 2017
  2. Church layby 7th December 2017 to 4th January 2018

During the time that the sign was placed in the Rectory layby there were two occasions where there were temporary traffic lights [Anglian Water], the first being to the West of the sign and the second to the East.   This resulted in some cars being recorded as travelling at less than 10 mph because of the queuing traffic.

Additionally, the period that the SAM2 was in the church layby could be considered as atypical because it included the Christmas holiday period when many people were not travelling to work and school.

Table 1: Summary of vehicle counts

Location Direction
From East From West Total
Rectory layby Total 82,130 51,873 134,003
Average/Day 3,884 3,689 7,573
Church layby Total 34,297 49,894 84,191
Average/Day 2,418 3,550 5,968


The volume of traffic passing though the village throughout the day,  shows that there are peak times associated with the morning and evening rush hours when more vehicles are reported .   From the West the peak traffic flow is between 7 and 9 am,  when people are travelling to work and from the East, the peak traffic flow is between 5 and 7 pm.  There were fewer vehicles reported at the weekends.   Traffic volume is also affected by closure of other major roads such as the A47, which may explain why 600 cars passed through between 5 and 6 pm on a Saturday afternoon in October.

Table 2: Summary of speeding vehicle counts

Location Direction
From East From West Total
Rectory layby Total 82,130 51,873 134,003
35 – 54 mph 6,278 (7.64%) 4,395 (8.47%) 10,673 (7.96%)
≥55 mph 52  (0.06%) 68 (0.13%) 120 (0.09%)
Church layby Total 34,297 49,894 84,191
35 – 54 mph 1,774 (5.08%) 2,826 (5.66%) 4,570 (5.43%)
≥55 mph 73 (0.21%) 8 (0.02%)  81 (0.10%)


The majority of cars travelling through the village are therefore travelling at speeds of 34 mph or less, although at least 5% of cars are speeding.

Alarmingly, the maximum speed recorded at  both sites was 95 – < 99 mph,  and whilst it might be assumed that speeding in excess of 35 mph occurs mostly at night,  the summary tables showing the times at which speeders were recorded demonstrates that the majority of speeding occurred during the day.   Emergency vehicles – paramedics,  police cars often whizz through the village,  and it is possible that they are travelling in excess of 55 mph.

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Rectory_09Nov2017_speeds (1)

Church Layby 4Jan