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Fincham Nature Reserve


The Fincham Parish Nature Reserve is situated about a mile from the A1122, on the left hand side of Black Drove.

The reserve has a small pond at its centre, and is surrounded by woodland, where the grass is left as a meadow for wild flowers to grow. This reserve is a diverse habitat for wildlife, including many species of both native and non-native birds.

The Parish Council hopes to soon obtain grant funding to replace some of the bird nesting boxes at the reserve, and further improve the area.

We would like to encourage residents to visit the reserve over the spring and summer months and send us your thoughts, as well as any suggestions you might have about how we could improve the area to make it an even more diverse wildlife habitat.

St Martin’s Church

the church today

The church today.

The Church can be seen in this old photograph taken outside the Royal Oak

The church can be seen in this old photograph taken outside the Royal Oak.

St Martin's at night.

St Martin’s at night.



The Way We Were – History in Pictures

the way we were 2

Opposite the Swan pub

Opposite the Swan pub


High Street