Info about Meetings

What is a Parish Council?

The Council is the first tier of local government. It has few powers but a reasonable amount of influence with other local authorities and government organisations. Its main role is to exert influence over the decisions of the Borough and County Councils. We are consulted on local planning applications, highway/road safety issues, long term planning and wider community involvement strategies.

A Parish Council is a local authority whose councillors are voted for by the electors in the Parish area and serve for four years. Fincham Parish Council has 8 councillors and all councillors live or work in Fincham. They are elected to serve and administer the residents of the parish. The Parish Councillors determine and set policies to cater for the social, cultural, welfare, and environmental needs of Fincham. Powers are mostly discretionary, i.e. they can be used to as great or little extent as their community wishes.

All councillors adhere to the Parish Council Code of Conduct and complete a register of interests, you can find these forms under ‘Documentation’.

Planning decisions are made by The Borough Council of Kings Lynn & West Norfolk. They give details of every planning application to Fincham Parish Council for the Council to review and provide comments on, which the Borough Council take into account when making their decision.

The Parish Clerk is the Proper Officer of the Council. It is the Clerk’s job to manage the administration of the Council, advise it on its powers and duties, and keep councillors informed about legislation and local initiatives.

Meeting Types

Full Council (Ordinary)

These are the normal meetings which are held every other month, where the council undertake the general business of running the village. In the meeting dates, these are labelled as “Full Council”. Any extra-ordinary meetings will be labelled as such.

Annual General Meeting (AGM)

The Parish Council year starts in May when the AGM is held. This is a statutory meeting and must be held within 14 days of the election in an election year or otherwise any day in May. The first duties of that meeting are to elect the Chairman and Vice-Chairman, followed by appointments to outside bodies and to committees.

Annual Parish Assembly

The Parish Assembly is an open meeting, although if the Chairman (or in their absence) the Vice-Chairman of the Parish Council is present they must preside at the meeting. Any local government registered elector for the parish is entitled to be present and speak and vote at the meeting.